Super Investigator Bundle (Discounted for Episode #100)


Save $21 dollars in this bundle for a limited time to celebrate the 100th episode of the private investigator advice podcats.

Here is what is in this bundle-

1.) Private Investigator Retainer Agreement (Reg.$11.99)
2.) Surveillance Report Template Bundle (Reg. $19.99)
3.) Workers Compensation Claims Bundle (Reg. $19.99)
4.) Client Intake Document (Reg. $5.00)

TOTAL (Without Discount): $56.97


1.) Private Investigator Retainer Agreement

Not all investigative assignments require a retainer agreement but when an assignment does require one, it is important to have an agreement ready.

Retainer agreements are important to make sure you get paid for the work that you do while setting the parameters and expectations of the investigation.

Retainer Agreements do the Following:

-Make sure the parties involved in the agreement are identified

-Sets the rates for the investigation

-Binds the client and the investigation company to specific conditions and terms regarding payment for the completion of the services provided.

-Articulates what the assignment will be

- Helps the client have realistic expectations

- And More...

This retainer agreement was created in a Word document and can be edited to fit your company needs.

Add to it or remove parts that don't fit the specific agreement with your client.

It was designed to be either completed in the Word document or printed out and filled out by the investigator and the client.

The retainer agreement is designed to be surveillance focused or to have a general investigation focus in an 8-page document.

2.) Surveillance Report Template Bundle

A surveillance template is something that you will use throughout your investigation career if you earn any part of your living from conducting surveillance.




If you are a new investigation business and don't know where to start with a surveillance template, this will be ideal for you.

No need to reinvent the wheel. I created this template for you so you can spend your time in areas that are important to your business.

The template is formatted in a professional manner so you can provide the details of a surveillance it a clear manner.

New to surveillance report writing? No worries, I provided an example report that you can review to help you write amazing reports.


If your an aspiring investigator that would like to know what report expectations will look like for the investigation company, the report example will be very helpful.

I have created not only a surveillance template to structure the information from a surveillance, but I have included an example surveillance report as well to help you learn how to write great reports.

3.) Client Intake Request Form 

Securing all the relevant information from your client and the assignment is important to the success of the assignment.

This document ensures that you get the proper information about your client as well as assignment itself.

This is always the first document I send to a client before sending my client the retainer agreement.

This printable intake form that can be edited will get you started when collecting information from your clients. Because it was created in a word document you can add or change anything on the document to fit your needs.

This can be sent to your clients to fill out in the word document or print it for your client to fill out. 

4.) Workers Compensation Claims Bundle

If you want to be involved in the insurance investigation industry then this guide and template is a must-have.

Using my over 15 years of experience in the insurance investigation industry I have created a 26-page questionnaire statement guide for workers compensation interviews that covers all the important information that insurance companies will need to have answered. The statement guide is also designed with room to write notes in different sections so you don’t have to write incredibly small just to fit the notes in.

The guide is accompanied by a claims report template that matches the order of information that you will be collecting. No need to jump around in your report because the questions asked in the guide match the flow of the report template.

Also included is an example report to help show what workers compensation claims interview report will look like when it is all said and done.

And like most things I have create, I provide a video walkthrough to explain what each section of the template is for.

So again, here is what you get:

-Workers Compensation Interview Guide (26 pages formatted for note writing) (Biggest value)

-Workers Compensation Claims Report Template

-Example Workers Compensation Claims Report

-Video Walk Through of Claims Report Example


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Super Investigator Bundle (Discounted for Episode #100)

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